Alluring And Inspiring Futuristic Ious Greenery Office Room With Stunning Blue

Feel no more bored in your office room. This alluring and remarkable design is plenty inspiring. Not only spacious, the attitude of the clean white tables combining with touch of white and blue-tosca on the chairs is compatible with the wall. Putting hanging pipes as the ceiling, this stunning office room is definitely creative. The impression of green is naturally added by using potted shrubs plants in some spots. Using big glass windows, the function of the windows are not only as the ventilation but also as the natural lighting for the room.

This office has not only a stunning design in the office room. The modern design also appears in the kitchen which is using bright yellow as the color of the floor. In addition, it is also completed with modern simple dining table to enjoy meal time. Sofa and blue black cushions in the rest area totally make the officers enjoy their break time.

On the other side, there is a modern greeny meeting room with shiny pendant lamps. Black and white meeting table set is perfectly combine with blue of the door. The conference room which is spacious depicts by removing the tables is completely an out-of-the-box idea. The additional another blue of the door makes the room more colorful. However, dark grey of the floor assert the color of the chairs.