Another Modern Italian Kitchen By Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine is one of the famous home designer in Italian. Famous by their outstanding kitchen concept, now they currently publish their new invention. Italian kitchen with magical colour and brilliant composition which will make your cooking time more fun and efficient. Still fousing on the modern concept, Veneta Cucine lay a very simple and elegant touch on their work. This will give you bunch of idea to design your kitchen.

Italian usually combines the kithen and dining room at the same place. Thus, a good composition does matter. There are two option, to create a dining room with clear separated line or make it intertwine with the kitchen island. If you choose the first option, place the dining area in the opposite of kitchen island. The brown and wooden dining table is a pefect hoice. Make sure that you allocate an enough space to enjoy the meal. Otherwise if you want to make the dining area intertwine, put the table chop in the middle of the room and place some chairs around. You can even put the stove on that table to directly enjoy the meal after cooking. Make sure you out a chimney on it to avoid the vapour from distracting your eating time.

White is a perfet choice of highlighted colour. Contrasting the furniture and other kitchen appliances with it. Put your collection in the transparant glass cupboard to give an art.