Briliant Tips To Organize Laundry Room Storage

Dirty and messy are the foremost image of laundry room. The bunch of dirty clothes in every corner, wet wash machine and iron board looks very disorganize no matter how hard you manage to keep them clean. Moreover, another washing equipments that filling the room with the mess. But no need to be worry, a simple and applicable solution is here for you.

Firstly, make sure that your laundry room has enough lighting. Make the room bright by selecting an appropriate lamp is matter. Large ceiling to floor window can also be a good choice. It allows the natural lighting and maintain the air flows well. A fresher environment for you to wash is there. Secondly, mind the room organisation. Choose the big cabinet to keep detergent, washing shampoo, sewingkits and other washing material.

Put the cabinet near the wash machine to ease you access. You can either choose the forehead closed cabinet for more variation. Paint them in a colorful tint, contrasting the wall. Colorful and cheerful room will boost your mood while washing. For the limited space laundry room, have the iron board intertwine to the wall is a perfect solution.

Last but not least, to put plants or more natural touch in your laundry room will also excellent. It can make the room look fresher and far from mess.