Harmonize Go Green Life By Using Alluring Recyclable Wooden Furniture

Let’s Go Green Life! That simple thing we can apply by using recyclable furniture at home and the wooden material is one of the best choices. As the first interesting simple example of go green life style, we can use wooden material as a TV table. You can choose this sample of short TV table. Not only to place the TV, you also able to function the storage as a desk. You can put your DVD player and cassette under the TV then equipped with some chic ornament to make it more chic.

As simple as you wish, by putting sliding storage under your wooden low profile bed makes you have another spacious space to save your stack books, bedcover, or quilt. It is easy, isn’t it? By using wooden material, you can make not only those stuffs above but also captivating wall-mounted table for dining or working. This snazzy table is beautifully designed to create more spacious room of your house.
Don’t conceal your brilliant idea. Make an eco-friendly wooden shelf to tuck in your shoes. You can just carve as a cubical one. However, if you need more for bookcase, you are able to conjure it as a natural wooden bookcase and hang it on your library or reading room.

Those simple go green life styles will totally change or, at least, help the earth breathing for the material which is used is 100% recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly.