Stylish Comfy Window Seat With Chic Cushion Design

Dreaming of stylish window seat? Make it happen by doing these tips as your consideration. Making a modern and comfy window seat is not that easy but this isn’t hard to do. The first thing to think is about the comfortable before adding any accessories in your window seat.Consider the room design and overlooked to complement your beloved room.

After you finish with those things, move to the cushion. Traditional and simple cushion design in your window seat will create exquisite ambience. Verdant pillow makes your room greeny and natural. The combination of gray with bold accent of chocolate stalk on the pillow will also reinforce your natural ambience, indeed. On the other hand, lacy or striped pillow will make it more colorful.

Don’t think that window seat is just function to enjoy you reading books or shipping coffee or tea. More than that, you can make it as alluring dining seat. The more you explore your idea, the more benefit you got. In addition, you can function the storage of your window seat to conceal your stuff such as book stack.

Need more stuff to add? If you think you have a good view outside, put a telescope to enjoy it. Don’t forget to lay pendant lamp to make you calm. Or, hang a stunning curtain with soft tone to chic the room as the picture says.